Brain drain has to be stopped – Short Essay

Brain drain has to be stopped if the country wants to maintain its intellectual wealth and grow.

Brain drain refers to the emigration of the highly skilled from home country to other countries with a more lucrative or conducive work environment.

This happens more commonly in developing countries because of a wide range of issues. However even developed nations are prone to brain drain every once in a while.

Reasons for brain drain

The reasons for brain drain are

  1. Most of the developing countries cannot afford a financial compensation package comparable to the west for the highly skilled and qualified workers. As a result they move to other countries where they get paid much better.
  2. Developing countries have a limit to how much a person can grow professionally and so many people prefer to move to countries where their skills can be best put to use as also because of the availability of opportunities.
  3. Many people are attracted by a better quality of life that is still unavailable in their home countries.

Why stop brain drain?

  1. A lot of money invested in students for training is lost to the country.
  2. The same brains that perform so well outside can add enormous value within the country.
  3. Most of the best brains which could help take their countries to new heights by research, politics and other fields are in fact helping the other countries grow even more.
  4. When most of the best leave, the country is left with inferior human resource and so growth is in that proportion restricted.

How to stop brain drain?

  1. The compensation packages must be adjusted to reflect the worth of the person and made comparable to the West at least in terms of purchasing power.
  2. Proper recognition of a person’s worth is a big factor in retention.
  3. Every individual must put in his share to maintain and grow the utilities and facilities provided by the governments.


Brain drain must stop and a reversal of it must take place for every country to utilise its best resources for growth and for the future generations.

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