Books: The Value of Books – Short Essay

The Value of books is vital as the most important tools of education, learning and entertainment. Since the beginning of human civilization, human beings have been a source of great learning, information and wisdom. And civilization has progressed on the basis of this collective wisdom and knowledge passed on from generation to generation.

In other words, we grow by standing on the shoulders of our ancestors. We learn from the knowledge and wisdom gained by our ancestors, we grow that further and pass it onto our future generations.

Value as tools of information transmission: Books are the most widely accepted and the most popular tool for the transmission of this knowledge and wisdom, across all geographical regions of the world and across all the history of time. This is the biggest Value of Books.

Value as our best friends: The Value of Books is also highlighted when they are sometimes termed as our best friends. Just like best friends, books are non-judgmental of our thoughts and actions. And yet they share limitless information and knowledge with us, to help us with our life decisions.

Types of Books and the Value of books in different areas of life

There are many different types of books:

Academic Books: Books that are used for educational purposes are called academic books. These are sources of information on a particular subject and they help us in gaining training and education in that subject.

Recreational Books: Books that contain fictional or real life stories, poetry books, travel books, etc. provide a lot of entertainment value in our life. Developing the habit of reading good books can be a very enriching experience.

Reference books: Sometimes in your education or profession, you come across some situations where you need more specialized information about a particular topic. This may not be covered in the normal academic books. For this you need to refer to Reference books that will provide the necessary details on the particular subject.

Workbooks and notebooks: Workbooks and notebooks are also types of books, with blank pages and empty space to take notes from lectures, seminars, discussions, observations, etc. These are also very useful to express your own thoughts and emotions.


The Value of Books in our life is close to infinite as sources of information, but they can also be a great source of fun and enjoyment.

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