Birth Summary

This story is an extract from eminent writer A.J.Cronin’s novel ‘The Citadel’. This novel is considered to be a pathbreaking book in the field of medical ethics. Based on this story, in later years, Great Britain went on to set up its now very famous National Health System. The story of birth summary class 11 is about a doctor who has to deal with a difficult case while his mental state is not good. He finally overcomes the problem and gives excellent patient care. The extracted part tells about a medical miracle of a doctor’s goodwill and hard work to treat his patient. The story ‘The Citadel’ is a conglomeration of tragedy, loss, and redemption.


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Birth Summary

Andrew Manson is a doctor and recently passed out of medical school in the Birth chapter summary. He has a girlfriend named Christine who is a schoolteacher. As he has just passed out, he is still new to the job. Andrew argued with his girlfriend as he is very outspoken. Andrew was feeling guilty about the argument. He reaches his home finally. As soon as he arrives at his house, he finds that Joe Morgan is eagerly waiting for him there. Joe’s wife was expecting the first child. Both of them were very nervous and anxious as that was going to be their first child in the 20 long years of their marriage. Though it is late in the night, Andrew agrees to go with Mr. Morgan as he puts his duty ahead of his well-being.

When both of them reached Mr. Morgan’s house, Andrew saw that a midwife, who is a trained professional help during labour, is attending Lady Morgan. Just by looking at her, Andrew assessed that the condition of the lady is severe and she is in labour pain. Despite the very assessment, he took a pause and utilized the time to have a better understanding of the condition. 

Though he only wants to think about his patient at that moment, his mind diverts into other things like how Branwell did everything for a woman who in the end betrayed him. He also thought about Edward Page who now lives separately away from his first wife and has married the ill-natured Bowden. He felt that all these could again happen with him and Christine. But he puts all these aside as he has to get back to his patient who needs medical attention. Lady Morgan was under anesthesia.

Andrew gave his all and after an hour-long struggle, at the stroke of dawn, the lady delivered a child. Soon after the delivery, Andrew noticed that the child has no life as it is a stillborn baby. Andrew was ultimately in shock at that time as he saw that the child is lifeless and also, the mother requires immediate medical treatment. At that moment Andrew had to make a choice. He had to choose who he would want to attend, the child or the mother.

He chooses the mother over the child. Andrew handed the child to the midwife. Lady Morgan was unconscious at that time. Andrew calmed himself down and treated the mother with steady hands and slowly Lady Morgan gained consciousness and her heartbeat returned to a standard rate. He then inquired about the child from the midwife. The midwife told Andrew that she had put the child under the bed wrapped in soaked newspaper. Andrew pulled the child out and scrutinized it who was looking pale and looked like he had suffered suffocation.

In the beginning, Andrew failed to recognize that it was a case of asphyxia and the child had suffered from an excess amount of carbon dioxide and less oxygen in the blood. At that very moment, Andrew could have given up on the child but he didn’t. He didn’t lose hope and started giving all the medical treatment to the child and tried to recollect everything he learned in medical school. While he was trying, the midwife kept telling him that he can’t put life back into a dead child and that the child was stillborn but Andrew ignored all that and kept on trying as he knew that the child was essential to the couple.

When Andrew almost gave up, he suddenly remembered a case in the medical school that was very similar to this one. He found a ray of hope amidst the darkness. He started rubbing the child’s back with a crushed towel. He puts the chest of the little child in both his hands. He then tries to fill some air into the body of the child and after almost half an hour’s hard-fought battle, the little body gave a motion, and the child slowly turned around and started crying. Andrew heaved a sigh of relief and handed the child over to the midwife. After he is done with the process, he narrates the whole thing to Mr. Morgan and takes his permission to leave, and walks down the street. As he walked, he had a sense of satisfaction and the feeling of achieving something great.


Understanding Themes present in the Birth Summary

The summary of Birth touches upon various themes which are central to not just medical practitioners but also to humans in general. 

This story teaches us how one needs to keep his/her problems aside and focus on the situation present at the moment. This is portrayed by Andrew excellently when he chooses to focus on delivering Mrs. Morgan’s child rather than bothering about his fight with his girlfriend. 

This story also teaches learners about how stressful situations can be handled by prioritizing. He chooses to save the mother and then focuses on the baby even though he was aware that the couple had been waiting to have a baby for the past 20 years. He makes a decision, shows faith in it, and sticks to it.

Lastly, this story highlights how we should avoid instant gratification and not stop until we have given our one hundred percent in overcoming a hurdle. After saving the mother’s life, he turns his attention towards the stillborn baby and continues to apply everything he has learned to bring him to life.

All these efforts finally bore fruits and he leaves Mr. Morgan’s house with a sense of satisfaction. This shows how gratifying it is for humans to put their everything into something which everyone else assumes to be not worth it and in the end come out with flying colours. More than anything, putting in the effort and not giving up matters.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How will the Birth Summary help me in my exams?

Birth Summary is a chapter present in NCERT English Supplementary Snapshot Book . It is a lengthy chapter and it might become difficult for you to remember the story at the last moment during the exam. To help you with this, IMP has brought Birth Summary . Here the entire story has been summarized for you to read in a short span of time and answer the questions related to it in the exam hall. It will also help you save time and keep you calm and composed during the exams.

2. How has the Birth Summary been summarized?

IMP has taken utmost care while summarizing the Birth Summary for everyone. The story has been summarized in such a way that you get to understand the pace and structure of the story. Names of all the characters have been included and unnecessary dialogues have been eliminated or mentioned in the third person. The whole story has been summarized in less than 800 words without compromising on the quality and the central theme of the story. You can find essays as well as summaries of other chapters in English from IMP’s website.

3. What is the central message of the Birth Summary ?

Birth Summary is based on the struggles and never giving up spirit of medical practitioners. In this story, a newly graduated doctor finds himself in a situation wherein he is to deliver a child in a very critical condition. This story carries the central message of never giving up, staying calm in stressful situations and giving your best even if the results are highly uncertain, and keeping your personal and private life separate. It also emphasizes how wheels of destiny can be turned if a person is strong-willed.

4. In how many words does IMP provide the Birth Summary ?

IMP is providing Birth Summary in less than 800 words for free on its website. It is part of IMP’s free study materials. This summary has been prepared by subject matter experts of English who have ensured that the essence of the actual story remains intact and the central message is not missed in the process of summarization. Reading this summary during exams will put you in a position wherein you will be able to answer all the questions asked and score excellent marks in CLass 11 English exams.

5. From which novel has the Birth Summary been taken?

Birth Summary is a summary of an extract from the famous author named A.J.Cronin’s novel ‘The Citadel’. It is part of NCERT Class 11 English Snapshot Book which is available on IMP’s website. This novel was published by the Scottish author who was also a Physician in the year 1937. This novel is based on the theme of medical ethics. The National Health System of Great Britain was set based on this novel. Even after so many years, this book continues to leave an impact on its readers.

6. What is the Theme of the Chapter ‘Birth Summary’?

The theme of the story revolves around the efforts being put in by medical practitioners in treating their patients. Andrew, the protagonist, is dealing with a critical medical birth case. Unfortunately, the baby born is lifeless. However, Andrew does not let go and makes his best of efforts in saving the patient. He not only succeeded in reviving the baby but also ended up saving the mother.

7. What Steps Did Andrew Take to Restore the Lifeless Child?

It was Andrew’s major achievement when he was able to revive the stillborn baby. The medical case was a difficult one, but Andrew was able to get a positive outcome for the case. He initially lays the baby on the blanket, and then he begins the process of respiration. He then moves on to giving hot as well as cold water treatment to the baby. Further, he presses and releases the baby’s chest with his hands.

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