Birds: Essay on Birds for Students


Birds are animals that are found under the category 0f vertebrates.

Birds are also referred to as Aves and they have distinctive features that make them unique for other animals.

Most of the birds move through flying although there are some birds that cannot fly. However, even the birds that cannot fly have wings and they move either by running, swimming or jumping.

What family are birds?

Birds can be classified to belong to Kingdom Animalia since they are animals. They are then classified under Phylum Chordata as they have a backbone. They belong to the Class Aves which is then subdivided into 23 orders. Each order contains the category of bids with similar features. These orders are further classified into families. There are over 142 families of birds. The families are later classified according to the genus and species which are used to give a bird its scientific name.

Types of birds

  1. Flightless birds are those birds that cannot fly although they have wings. These include ostriches and penguins. These birds however can move at very high speeds.
  2. Water birds are the birds that can fly and swim at the same time. These include birds like ducks. Their feet are webbed to adapt them to swimming.
  3. Perching birds are those birds that are usually found on trees. Some types of these birds include parrots. They are adapted to perching due to their feet that can grasp on to branches.

Examples of birds

There are thousands of different species of birds around the world. Some few examples of birds include;

  1. An ostrich is a flightless bird that also classifies as the largest bird. Ostriches have very long necks and can run very fast.
  2. parrot is a bird that is commonly known for mimicking human words. It can be kept as a pet.
  3. woodpecker is an example of a wild bird that has a beak that it uses to peck on wood and trees as it looks for food.
  4. An eagle is a majestic bird that is known for its sharp eyesight and strong claws.
  5. hummingbird is the smallest bird species.
  6. duck is a water bird that has webbed feet that helps it swim in water.
  7. peacock is the bird that has very colorful wings.
  8. penguin is bird that lives in snow or cold places like Antarctica.
  9. hen is domesticated bird kept foe eggs and meat.
  10. flamingo is a bird that is found in lakes and they can also fly.

Distinctive features of birds

  1. All birds have beaks instead of mouths. They use these to eat, chirp and build their nests.
  2. Birds also have wings. Wings are mostly used for flight although there are some birds that cannot fly.
  3. Birds also have feet that are covered in scales.
  4. Birds also have feathers. These are made out keratin and they are used to regulate the body temperature and also used to attract mates.
  5. Birds also lay eggs. This is their means of reproduction.
  6. Birds have streamlined bodies that are of lightweight to help them in flying.
  7. Birds also have a backbone which makes them vertebrates.

How should we treat birds?

  1. We should avoid throwing stones on birds. This is because birds are important animals and throwing stones could kill them.
  2. We should also avoid destroying bird’s nests. This is because they use nests as their shelter and also use nests to lay eggs.
  3. We should also take care of injured birds. Through proper care, they may regain their normal health.
  4. We should also feed This is by regularly scattering seeds or waste food in our compounds so that birds can feed on them.
  5. We should also avoid cutting down trees as birds build their nests on trees and cutting trees down may make them to migrate.

How to take care of a pet bird

  1. You should ensure that you regularly feed your bird with proper food so that it may not become weak or die of starvation.
  2. One should also ensure that they build a good cage where the bird can freely move. The cage should be spacious and it should have a door that you can use to let the bird out.
  3. You should also ensure that you give attention to your pet bird every once in a while.
  4. Ensure that your bird has regular exercises. This is by letting it out of the cage every now and then for small flights.
  5. You should also ensure that the birds have a clean surrounding. This is by regularly cleaning their cage.

National bird of India

The national bird of India is called the Indian peacock. Its scientific name is Pavo cristatus. It is a very colorful bird that is the same size as the swan. The bird was declared to be the National bird of India in the year 1963. It was declared a National bird as it is indigenous to the country and it is considered to be part of the Indian culture. The bird is a symbol of grace and beauty.


Birds are very important animals. They have many benefits to the country as they are a contributor to tourism. There are thousands of different species of birds around the world. Many people are opting to keep birds as their pets due to their beauty and their socializing skills. It is important to take care of birds whether they are pet birds or those that are in the wild.

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