Best modular bathroom design ideas for your home

Designing a modular bathroom is easy. Here are some modular bathroom designs for your home renovation project.

Adding modernity to the bathroom can be the best option for you to give it a fresh look. A modular bathroom is the trendiest option to make the bathroom modern and tranquil. A unique bathtub, sleek storage vanity, designer basin, etc., are inseparable parts of a modular bathroom. If you want to bring this kind of modernity to your existing bathroom or design a whole new modular bathroom for your new apartment, here is everything you can do.

Best modular bathroom designs for you

A warm vibe in your modular bathroom

A warm colour tone will never go wrong with the bathroom of your modular bathroom. Make sure to choose a bright warm colour shade for the bathroom, which will add serenity to the bathroom. Try to go for contrast colour bathroom fittings and installations. Vanity placement should be so that the light can directly pass through the vanity.

Inside the bathroom, you can add some indoor plants to purify the air. Do not forget to add an enticing stone for the flooring. Another thing you may remember is that all elements of your bathroom are not necessarily to be visually warm, but with their appearance, they can bring a warm vibe to the bathroom.

Oh-so-perfect tiles decoration

Tiles are fascinating things which can make your modular bathroom cool with its appearance. A modular bathroom is a place where you can add creativity to the wall. Tiles can be the go-to option for designing your modular bathroom. Get matching designer tiles for both walls and floor. Add installations and fixtures of the deep shade of the tiles. No doubt, you can get a stunning look in your modular bathroom.

Bold but neutral

Neutral colour has a different appeal which can create a bold look in your bathroom. Even if the bathroom space is smaller, a bold and neutral look can make the space look bigger. Try to add contemporary bathroom fixtures like wall shelves, showers, taps, etc.

Marvellous marble

Marble is another good choice for adding a modern vibe to your bathroom. If you can cover your modular bathroom with marble from top to bottom, the bathroom will be an elegant piece of your home. If you are interested in white marble, then make sure to go for golden bathroom elements like a basin, vanity section, etc. Also, keep an eye on the lighting, which is a crucial element of your modular bathroom.

Simplicity is the best policy

Simple design with elegant bathroom fixtures can work well to get a serenity and peaceful vibe in your modular bathroom. Make it as simple as possible with flooring and wall design. You can enjoy the bathroom vibe with indoor plants too.

Mixed material magic

In a modular bathroom, you can try various materials to bring a unique and sleek look into your bathroom. Mixed materials can be a combination of wooden walls and marble, tile and wooden panel, etc. For flooring, marble will be the best choice. The colour combination is a factor which you should keep in mind. Also, cove lighting can make this kind of bathroom look good.

Greater wall shelves, bigger spaces

If your bathroom has a small space, you can engage your wall. Designer wall shelves for storage, hanging toilet fixtures, etc., can work efficiently. In this way, you can save a lot of space but still, you can attach everything you need in the bathroom.

What are the major things you should check for your modular bathroom?

You should check a few things before getting a new modular bathroom.

  • Toilet: A hanging toilet can be a great addition to the modular bathroom.
  • Countertop with sink: A countertop with a sink can enhance the overall look and efficiency of the bathroom. The top materials for this will be granite or marble.
  • Vanity unit: A vanity unit is mandatory for modular bathrooms, which will have sink and storage units.
  • Flooring: For modular bathroom flooring, you can go for marble, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, granite, slate tiles, etc.
  • Shower fixtures: Standard shower fixtures are good if you have less space in the bathroom. If you have a bigger space for a modular bathroom, then you can go for a walk-in shower.
  • Lighting: For modular bathrooms, wall-mounted lamps, cove lighting, mirror backlighting, spotlights, pendant lights, etc., are appropriate.
  • Bathroom accessories: Modern bathroom accessories include grab bars, corner shelves, towel rods, shower niches, etc.



Which are the major elements of a modular bathroom?

For a modular bathroom, you can go for designer flooring, modern lighting, contemporary fixtures, a vanity section, etc.

Can I use indoor plants in my modular bathroom?

Yes, you can use indoor plants in your modular bathroom.

Is a modular bathroom a costly option?

Yes, the modular bathroom setup can be costly, but it depends on the types and varieties of bathroom fixtures and other elements you will use.

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