Best Friend Essay

An Introduction

Friendship is one of the purest things that one can ever ask for. There are so many people whom we meet in the journey of life but very few of them leave a mark on us. The person who I consider as my best friend has made a significant impact on my life. We have shared beautiful moments together and the most beautiful thing is that our friendship is still growing. I feel I am the luckiest to have someone like him as my best friend. 

Friendship with My Best Friend

We became friends at the time of admission to our new class. In the first few days, we were a bit hesitant to talk to each other as we did not know each other. But, as time flew we became the best buddies in the class. I can remember on the first day when I introduced myself to him and tried to talk to him, I got very little response. I thought it would not work out. But surprisingly, we became best friends in the middle of the academic session. 

People say that we complement each other. Our hobbies are the same. We both are very fond of cricket and we keep sharing lots of things about the game together. At the time when any problem arises, we try to solve it together. Our houses are also a stone’s throw distance apart. So, we visit each other’s place quite often. As a result, our parents have become friends too!    

During summer break last year, we went to a summer camp together. It was so much fun! We discovered that our choice of storybooks and fictional characters is also quite similar.

While together, we sometimes use different signs and gestures to communicate with each other which no one can understand. I have realized one thing that he is no less than family to me and as if we are brothers from different mothers. 

There are several reasons behind this bonding of ours. One is respect. My best friend is a warm-hearted person and always encourages me to help others. He is also very fond of music which, I think, makes him a more loveable person. He loves singing and I am learning to play the guitar. Someday, we wish to perform together on stage as a band. 

Apart from the above qualities, it is his kindness that impresses me a lot. His attitude towards the poor and downtrodden is worth appreciating. One day I saw him feeding a poor boy outside our school his own Tiffin. From that day, he has earned another level of respect from me. I feel inspired by him too. 

With my friend around, I have learnt how the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” is true. There has not been a single such incident when I have missed my school due to some illness and he has not helped me with his classwork. Our mutual respect and admiration are sure to make our friendship stronger with the years. A best friend is truly a valuable gem and I am lucky to have found that gem of my life. 

In life, we come across so many different people who influence us in some way or another. Some leave, some stay. Most of us get into these relationships without having  some deep thinking about them. A friend is someone you are close to, it doesn’t matter how long they have been there in your life. They could be someone you bond with over a favorite movie or tv show, maybe you share the love of going to the library together and reading books or someone with whom you can have deep conversations with or perhaps a new friendship you formed at school or work. A friend can be of any kind in our lives who naturally just makes our life better and enjoyable just by being in it and it’s important to reflect on what characteristics are important in friendships because they have a strong role in shaping our lives. You need to understand what true friends look like and what kind of people are the ones you need to avoid. 

Who is your Best Friend?

Your best friend is someone with whom you share close affection or bond. You share some relatively common thoughts and values with friends. It does not matter if the person is present offline or online, your next-door neighbor friend or a friend who is 1000 miles away. People move or travel and you can have them far away from you for a long period of time or maybe you even met them online in this day and age is quite normal but that does not need to be a defining characteristic in looking for a best friend. Often, a friend is someone you trust, someone you can share your sorrows and trouble with without being judged and you can be there for them in the same manner or enjoy being around

Some friends are casual, you may talk sometimes, hang out if you are ever in the same country and share a few good laughs. Once you start talking and catch up on each other’s lives it’s like no time has passed. This friendship just feels secure, and it is just easy to pick up where you guys left off. A good friend is empathetic to your struggles or what you’re going through and shows that they care by validating your feelings, You can be vulnerable and open with. This is because friends trust friends, and are there to support you in your bad times. 

Then there are people you have known on social media, in which the two of you have your accounts linked together on social media, but maybe you don’t talk much or just happen to know each other through mutuals. Maybe once in a while, you share memes or comment on each other’s posts but that is all that you have between each other. You should not consider social media ‘friends’ to automatically be real-life friends as you only know each other through what you present yourself as online. 

Friend or Acquaintance

An acquaintance is someone who you talk to on occasion because they are in the same university or workplace, but the bond of a true friend is just not there but is just for a good laugh’s sake. An acquaintance won’t be the person you go to when you are having a hard time, as you would to a friend. Also, some acquaintances become friends with time knowing how well you both bond and relate to one other, if we only give them a chance then that definitely does happen. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the signs of a best friend? 

The most basic sign of a best friend is that they are always there for you irrespective of what the situation is, they will not run away from helping you and will stick with you till the end and if you are in the wrong they will correct you privately. Best friends know that life will throw many trials but you need to make out of it together through it and stick to each other side by side. 

2. What are some signs of a bad friend? 

These are the kind of people you should avoid when you feel they are taking advantage of you, they trash talk behind your back and turn to you only when they need you but disappear when you are in need of a friend. They just cannot tolerate criticism and they feel you are attacking them. They also cannot tolerate differences and think low of you when you have a different hobby or liking than theirs. These people are the ones you need to stay away from as they can be a bad influence on your life. 

3. Why is having a best friend so important? 

One cannot imagine a life without a best friend. Everyone needs someone who can be there for them in their time of need, during your difficult times when you need support. Life would be less fun and more boring without a best friend. You need someone you can talk to, laugh with, cry to, and food around within life. 

4. What can destroy a good friendship? 

One must make sure to maintain a friendship. The most common factor is the loss of faith and trust in each other. Never do anything behind another’s back that will hurt the other person. Respect is the foundation of every relationship. Once you lose respect for the other person, you will never be able to go back to the way you were. 

5. Does distance matter in a friendship? 

No, distance does not matter in friendship as they can be next door to the next city to another country, it does not matter as long as they are always there for you. You need to maintain friendships irrespective of distance. A best friend will not abandon you or run away from you just because they are far away from you and if that happens means they were not the right one. 

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