Autobiography of an Umbrella – Short Essay

Who am I? I am an Umbrella, companion of rich and poor. My name originated from the Latin word which is ‘umbra’ which in turn derived from the Ancient Greek word called ‘ombro’ which means shower of rain. I love my name a lot and I think it is unique.

How I came into this world?
I am made from an umbrella factory across the world and I and my colleagues come in different sizes, modes, colours and patterns. I was made of wooden, plastic, iron and clothing materials.

My handle is mostly made of wood or plastic materials and my stem is made of painted iron; mostly black. I have a network of iron rib cage which is one of the important parts of my skeletal system. My rib cage is always made of iron and painted black with a plastic cap at the end, my rib cage can retract or divide into two for the convenience of my owner.

My rib cage is covered with a cloth which comes in different colours and pattern, likewise different clothing materials which give no room for penetration of water and reducing insulation from the scorching sun. I am a favourite of countless people and very cheap. I am a good companion for those who stay outside a lot whether during a sunny day or during precipitation. I am very cheap to procure and am easily found anywhere any time you want me.

I am always at service
My service is never obstructing by my own self, am always at my owner disposal, I give 100 % of me anytime or any day and till my end. My availability depends on how my owner handles me and the proper care I receive. My owner strolls the sun; I guide him, he walks in the rain; I protect him. I am also used for fashion because I come in different colours and pattern and I am beautifully made inside and out. What a great companion I am? I am an Umbrella and I am for protection!

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