Autobiography of an Ant – Short Essay

I am an ant. I’m writing my autobiography. Let’s take a look at my life.

My home: I was born in an anthill near a beautiful village. Friends called me “Red” because I’m a red ant.I’m very playful and small. I always like to play with my friends and finding food. One day I went too far from my home to find food. A heavy rain came by and I was washed away. I couldn’t find my way back home. I was so scared and hungry. I was walking towards a big tree to find some shelter. It was getting dark and I was crying and screaming. I hardly tried to sleep and I couldn’t sleep. After a long night time, the sun was rising again.

In the morning I saw a pigeon was singing songs and looking for food. I walked towards him and asked “Good morning pigeon. I was washed away by the rain and I couldn’t find my way back home and I’m too hungry. Can you give me something to eat?.” “Good morning little friend. I am Rocky” pigeon replied.”Here is some corn to eat. Maybe I can help you to find your way back home.” I said, “thank you, Rocky.”

Rocky-The pigeon: My friend ‘Rocky‘ is an intelligent and clever bird. we became friends before the evening. I sat on his head and we flew over the whole forest to find my home. sadly we couldn’t find our home that day.we spent the night in the rocky’s nest. It was really a comfortable place. In the morning before we start our journey we were looking for some food.we saw a huge elephant was running towards us and we were scared.”get out of my way” he shouted.”you can not be here .leave here or I will kill your pigeon.”He didn’t saw me because I was too small.

I was getting near to him slowly and get on his trunk. I byte his trunk and he screamed loudly.” please don’t hurt me I will leave here.” and the elephant ran away. The pigeon thanked me and I said: “even the smallest can challenge the biggest“. Again we were looking for my anthill and finally, we were able to find it. I thanked a lot for the ‘Rocky’ and I introduce him to my friends also. So, now we became best friends.

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