Autobiography of a Wheel – Short Essay

I am a wheel and I am writing my autobiography. Let’s take a tour of my life

Starting of my life: I was born in a factory in Mumbai , Maharashtra. I am made out of rubber. I am black in colour and fat in shape. I’m tough and rigid and so strong that vehicles weighing tons move due to me very easily. I keep on rotating all day on rough roads and ditches. Yet I keep myself and the vehicle safe and never let anything happen to me or to the vehicle

My journey: I was born in a factory, I was new and fresh and I was sent in a container in which I travelled so long and reached an outlet in a city known as Agra, Uttar Pradesh it was a new place for me but still, I enjoyed it. There I met a boy who bought me and took me to the garage and there I was installed in spokes so well like a soul is fixed to the body. I got installed happily and became good friends with the vehicle. other wheels were also installed and I became friends with them as well. we all coordinated well and started our journey we were fresh and nice and ready to start our journey.

Our journey started on an expressway where we all were very happy because we covered a long distance without any hassle.we were given rest at times and our owner took good care of the vehicle as well as ours.but as we entered the city we became dirty and filthy and we all got tired but slowly steadily we reached our destination.

I along with other tyres have spent 10 years of our life with the vehicle happily we faced every difficult road bravely and in my retirement life I am mostly kept in the back of the car with a mat over Me and my owner only uses me the when he is in need of me the most. I am really happy with the life I spent and the retirement life which I am leading as well.

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