Autobiography of a Watch – Short Essay

Who I am? I am a watch. What do I want? I want to tell you my story and I think that you will enjoy reading it. So let me start from the beginning.

My main purpose is to tell time. I have a lot of relatives all around the world. Some of them are called a pocket watch, and some of them are like me a wristwatch.

I and my relatives have a great history, dating from the 14th century. People studied timekeeping and they created a science called horology. But enough about that. I will tell you more about me personally.

I was born twenty years ago in India. My place of birth was a large company called HMT watches. My name is Roman. I am a wristwatch and only men can carry me.

My belt was black. The display was round and rounded in gold. My owner was a businessman. He wore me on his right hand every day. My owner took care of me. If my belt were scratched, he would replace it with the new one. He cleaned me every day. I always looked like a new one. I always showed the exact time. I did not want to disappoint my owner.

My owner died suddenly five years ago. I was very sad. His family took me off his wrist. Nobody ever wore me again.

Now I am in a small dusty box that is on the shelf. I am counting the hours and minutes. I am no longer the shining watch as I was before. My owner’s family does not want to carry me on their wrists. They say that I am obsolete and keep me as a memory of him. But memories fade, do they? I miss my life from before. I feel that my heart will soon stop kicking. I hope that I will join my owner that loved me so much.

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