Autobiography of a Parrot – Short Essay

I am a parrot. I’m writing my autobiography. Let’s take a look at my life.

I was born in a deep green and dense rainforest. Besides me, there were still a lot of parrots, it was noisy and fun. I had parents, siblings, friends and neighbors. I was sure that I would grow up, become a big parrot. But once my life changed abruptly – strangers appeared in the forest, caught me, put me in a cage and took me somewhere. My childhood was over. There were only a cage and unfamiliar parrots. I lived in a pet shop day by day and almost lost my hope for happy days. Days stretched boring and the same.

One day was lucky for me as one little boy came into the shop and bought me. His name was Emil. He was a little boy but became a big friend of mine. Since then my happy life has come. Emil talks a lot with me, plays, feeds and cares. I can fly around the room, talk with my friend and play a lot. He tried to give me the most delicious pieces, did not forget to make sure that I always had clean water. And Emil loves me very much. When he is in a bad mood, he comes to me, shares his concerns with me. I may not be able to help, but I can listen to him. And he never forgets to feed me or clean the cage, for him it is also important. When he is busy with his homework – I sit still and only look for him if he needs a support from me. Sometimes he looks around, sees me and smiles. And I know that it’s my real mission – to make this good boy smile. I try to please him, entertain and comfort as much as I can. It always made me proud that GOD has created me into such a joyful and helpful thing.

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