Autobiography of a Notebook – Short Essay

I’m Notebook. I’m writing my autobiography to tell you all about my life story. Like all other notebooks I’m a one clean and a neat notebook. Just like all other people notebook life is full of ups and down.


Once upon a time I was a hero but with time my glory faded. Before my owner’s story started I was just a bundle of papers lying on a bookshelf of a local bookstore. I didn’t have any knowledge and my papers were all white and soft. I waited too long for my customer to arrive and one day a small boy came who was looking for something. I never saw such an innocent boy in my life who wore a smile. That boy scanned all the bookshelves and when we both saw each other it was the joyous part of my life.

When he took me home he felt very excited and taps his soft hands on my white pages. Then he wrote his name with a black pen at the front page. It was like the start of the journey which will last for the lifetime. Days passed and I was filled with his thoughts, inspirations and even emotions. At times he wrote the most joyous moments of his life one can imagine and other times he wrote all the grief and sorrows he had to encounter in his life.

Best days:

For many years we lived together. I know all of his secrets like his bad friends, devastation caused by his girlfriend and a long list. I was the major part of his life for so many reasons. Like all other people my life is also coming to an end. Now my owner is writing on my last pages. When my life will end he will definitely buy a new one to accompany him for the rest of his life. As today when my journey has ended I’m very thankful and grateful to my owner. He taught me all the positive vibes. This has proven to be the happiest day of my life. He left a very emotional note at the end of my body which goes as:

“I will miss you so much. You proved to be my best friend through all the times.”

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