Autobiography of a Mountain – Short Essay

I’m a mountain in the Himalayan range. This is my Autobiography written by me. I emerged on the face of this earth millions of years ago when I came out of water. This was due to when surface of the earth moved.

I am located in the Asia and is also known as crown of India. I came in to the earliest mountain ranges of Himalayan which are made up of sedimentary rocks.

According to a geological survey report I was created when Pacific Ocean and Australian plates collided together.


I’m almost comprised of more than hundred mountains. I lie in the east of India and stretch from north to south. As I’m very big in size which is the main reason of hindrance for the movement of people. In this way people of China and Mangolia are separated from India. In this a very major difference is created in the lifestyle of both the areas. Many mountain peaks of mine are considered very religious among Sikhs, Hindus and other people.


In my Area the wildlife and plant habitat change with the climate and soil type. Humidity and other factors also play important role. At base weather is hot and at the peak there is always snow. Almost 15,000 glaciers came under my range. These glaciers are a source of freshwater in the summer season. Yellow, red and Ganges Rivers which are famous in the world arise from within me. I have15 peaks.

I gave many benefits to India. I prevent this country from heavy snowfall and give fresh waters through my glaciers in summer season. Indian rainfall is also brought by me.

Sad part:

Climbers always make me happy but when they cut plants on me it always hurt me. As they are humans they should know the importance of plants on me. They do for money but I want to tell them that money will not save them from extinction. When climbers die and leave their blood on me it also makes me very sad.

Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad. This is life is all about? I just want to spend my life serving the humans in their best interest.

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