Autobiography of a Mobile Phone – Short Essay

I’m a mobile phone. I wrote my autobiography. I am one of the very delicate phones. Tring! Tring! Is my sound. You can hear me everywhere. Life is incomplete without me. Let’s takes you back to my life story. I hope you will enjoy it.

My Origin:

I’m a latest touch phone and was made by a famous company. I shone like a bright sun in the start.

After I was manufactured I was being sent to the mobile shop carefully where I was displayed under the glass case. I was very relieved at that time. Because now I’m at my happy place finally. This was the purpose of my life.

My happy day:

I was very expensive. No one bought me. I was waiting eagerly for the day when my owner come and buy me. One day a man came and bought me. I was very happy. That man was very kind. Mark used me very carefully. I gave him all the latest facilities like face-time, Camera, unlimited games, browsers etcHe cared for me like a baby and always kept me at a safe place when not using. After a week or more he cleans me with a soft fabric so unwanted marks are removed.

Horrible incident:

Mark always kept me with him. Wherever he went he took me. All his friends admired me. But his son used me a lot for playing video games. One day he was playing as usual he dropped me suddenly into water. My parts were all separated and I stopped functioning. After this incident Mark was very worried and he took me immediately to the mobile repair shop. I was again back on track in two days. Now Mark never gives me to his son.

Last days:

Now I’m dull and old but lived a happy life. Mark still uses me and had not replaced me. Few days back Mark’s friend gift him a new phone and now he is using it. It’s now four years that I’m locked in a cupboardwaiting for someone to come and use. Anyone Touch me so I can feel alive again.

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