Autobiography of a Mango tree – Short Essay

I’m a mango tree. It’s my autobiography written by me. I was born in a beautiful farm house of Mr Adamwho was very kind, rich and well known among his village. He was very kind and was respected among masses. It took me almost a year to grow into a mature tree. Until I grew up Mr Adam visits the farm house daily and sometimes also waters me.

When I was young I have many fellow friends of different fruits like apple, cherries etc. We became fast friends. Some were elder than me. We all wanted to grow as fast as we can because in this way we can produce the fruit and make our owner happy. This was our sole reason of existence. Mr Adam sometimes sits under my shade.

The happiest day of my life was when I shed my first mango. I could see the happiness on Mr Adam’s face. My struggle didn’t go wasted. I was feeling proud and completed that day. Soon mangoes of mine were collected and packed in the baskets to be sent to the market for sale.

A happy summer time:

I still remember that summer when it was vacations in the school and in the noon when all were resting school kids jumped the fence and climb up on me to enjoy the mangoes. I could feel their joy. But one day they were caught by the waterman. But Mr Adam forgives those little poor kids and instead gave them a basket full of my mangoes. Indeed he was the pure soul. May GOD bless him.

I gave mangoes for the ten years and my roots and barks were all spread. I was sad when the farmer finally declared me infertile and it brings tears in my eyes. But on a happy note I produced many mangoes. Everyone has to say goodbye. This autumn will be my last season I will saw. As Mr Adam has decided to cut me and sow a new plant which will gave them sweet and healthy mangoes. My wood will be used to make furniture and other stuff of daily use. I’m happy that even after my death I will be providing relief to the mankind.

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