Autobiography of a Flower – Short Essay

I’m a pink little flower. I grew at a central park of the city. This is my autobiography. Fragrance and colour are my pride. Let me take you back. I came into this world by a beautiful boy who came daily to water me after sowing. The world was so colourful when I opened my eyes. Everything was so green and fresh. Birds were chirping and clouds were making the skies bluer.

The Big tree:

I saw every day different people coming to the park with their families. I enjoyed their company. I had many friends with me and we used to sing in the morning when birds and sparrows sat on us. Life was happy. The big tree on us was our safeguard and protected us from strong winds and rain. All plants survived the harsh weather conditions due to that tree. I remember the waterman who used to come four times a week to water us. He was very kind. We always prayed for him.


I still remember that one autumn gorgeous weather when the park was packed with all sorts of people. They admired us and take photos with me. It made me feel pride. That day was the happiest day of my life. We all laughed too hard and add the beauty to that environment.

Bad Feelings:

I also have some bad feelings because of the people who ruthlessly pluck flowers from trees and are unable to see the dead flower crying. It just always broke my heart. Secondly, those illiterate people who walked on us. They destroyed our souls. Alas, that is so disturbing. People need to learn that we are also creatures of GOD and need mercy from humans.

Last phase of life:

Life of a flower is very small, unlike other creatures. Now I’m two months old and my life is going to end soon. My all friends have died except rosy and another one. I just want to spend my remaining life spreading happiness and love in this world. I want to feel pride while dying that I died with respect and love. I hope that humans also learn this thing.

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