Autobiography of a Cycle – Short Essay

I’m a Bright green cycle with two pedals. I’m writing my autobiography so you can know how my life was. I was being made in a factory which was near the riverside. Surrounding Environment was very calm. I made many good friends over there. Some were old and some were younger than me. We all have only one dream that our owner manufactures us as early as possible and we start our journey.

Happy day:

Soon our all parts were attached and I was painted green. I liked myself a lot. Three of my younger fellows left me early. GOD that was a sad day! After my final look, I was packed in large containers along with many other fellow cycles. Our hopes were high.

We completed our journey when a shopkeeper placed us in the front of its shop with ribbons and flowers attached to me. Oh, I felt so beautiful. He was such a nice man. He used to clean me every day. Days passed and one day my dream comes true. A little cute kid came with his father and stop near me. I knew that was my time. He praised me and asked his dad to buy it for him.


So it’s time of the summer when I came into a new family. John used to wash me every day and I was placed on a neat and separate corner in his store room. Every morning and evening I meet my old and new friends at the park where John rode on me. Wind used to pass through me and I felt more happy and content.

Months passed and my importance reduced with time. Now John didn’t pay me that much attention. He bought a new cycle and ride on it. I was becoming sad day by day and my health was also deteriorating. This was almost the end of my life. Now I was a waste like many other things in that store room. This makes my heart bleeds. All now I wish that I can be young again so I can enjoy my life. In this way, I can be a reason for human’s happiness and that’s the main cause of my life.

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