Autobiography of a Coin – Short Essay

I am a coin. My life is just like my value. Very cheap. I am writing my autobiography, to tell people how cheap and invaluable my life is. I was first I introduced to end the barter system which was prevalent before. I was really a great invention. I eased the exchange of good very much. The disputes and fights happening in the matter of goods exchange were completely vanished when I came to business. I was a small circular piece of metal but, I was able to solve big disputes in the matter of money.

There are many museums which keep me as a sign of history. My first model and the ones that succeeded afterwards were all kept as highly valuable parts of the history. People are visiting these museums for years now and they have cherished my changing designs and shapes with every epoch. As a coin, I am an integral part of history and I have borne many symbols of famous kings and queens upon me. I have the faces and names of different royalties upon me.

But, as time progressed, my value started to degrade. Notes were introduced which represented a higher value than me. I would come by very cheaply and notes were hard to earn. That is why my significance started to fade away. I was only to be found with the beggar. People used to save me just for the beggars. They used to throw me in the beggar’s bowl in a very cheap, degrading way.

I would only buy them very cheap things like chocolates and mouth fresheners. For bigger things, they used notes. But, sometimes, they craved for my presence when they would have to buy a chocolate but they only have notes and the change would not be present with the vendor. This would curb them from buying small things. This was the only time, they used to miss my presence. Other than that, I was nothing to them.

And now, I am sitting here at the dump–yard, writing my autobiography. Some careless bloke has thrown me here and now I am waiting for my chance to get into the metal melter machine and be melted. Such cheap my life has become.

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