Autobiography of a Classroom – Short Essay

I am a classroom. My life is filled with noise and disturbance. I am writing my autobiography to let you all know, how disturbing and unrestful my life is.

I was named as the classroom for the kindergarten students. They built me in a very unique way. They adorned me with all the cartoon characters. I felt really nice at that time. I was looking very attractive and catchy. They also put all the alphabets and numbers in a decorative manner, on my walls. It was great being given so much attention and preparation. I was very excited to welcome the kids. They were to come the next day and I was very eagerly waiting to see their happy faces.

I knew that the school where I live is a very reputed one and is famous for its discipline. I was sure that the kids are going to be very disciplined and quiet. I waited all night before their arrival. I was very excited and poised myself perfectly to welcome the future stars coming my way. I made myself intact and perfect. An alphabet got loosened up and it was about to fall but, I caught it and kept it in its place so that the room’s decorative aura don’t get destroyed.

Morning happened and I was glittering with all my decorative hues. I was ready to host the small kids. They started coming one by one, accompanied by their parents. They were all excited and happy. Some were very ambiguous and didn’t have a clue for why they have been brought to a totally unknown place. Some looked very confident and wanted to contribute right away.

The parents met the teacher and discussed good things about their kids. The school was about to start so the teacher requested every parent to leave the classroom and come back when the school closes. The moment the parents stepped out of the class, the whole class started crying. They completely ran amok and were out of control.

This happened for two or three days and after that, they settled with each other. But, they were still running amok every day. But, this time around, they were happier and were having fun. This is my life. A life full of noise and activity.

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