Autobiography of a Bird – Short Essay

I am a bird. I am writing my autobiography, to thank god for the good life he has given me. My mother gave me birth in a warm nest above the branch of a huge banyan tree. I hatched with two of my brothers. Life was very good. Mother used to feed me every day. She used to bring worms and insects for me and my brothers. The tree was more than a home for us. It was the reason for our survival. It covered us from the heat, protected us in the rains, and gave us warmth in the winters.

I grew up very fast because my mother used to feed me well. She used to set out from the tree every day just to bring us plump worms for us so that we grow up fast! My mother slowly started pushing me towards taking my first flight. I was very frightened even thinking about the fact that I had to fly. My brothers were excited but I was very tentative. My mother encouraged me to have my first jump. I closed my eyes and had a jump. I flapped my wings with all the might and, when I opened my eyes, I was flying!

Soon, my brothers also learnt to fly. We used to play together all around the place. We used to frolic and play around with our wings. For fun, we used to race with each other, and I always used to win. We were known as the stunt performers in the world of birds. We used to turn and flip and dip and dance in the air.

I was the eldest of the brothers so, I had to take care of my brothers. I used to protect them from possible threats like eagles and vultures. I am writing this autobiography, sitting in my nest with my brothers. Life is very good. Thanks to god.

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