Autobiography of a Bag – Short Essay

I was born in a factory with millions of bags sprawling around and since then I was sitting on a table resting for years. Most of my friends were taken away at that time and I had been playing around with a person for a month. I was taken everywhere by him. I was thrown I was crushed but since I’m a tough one I survived. I was filled with a bunch of books and a tiffin box which had a leakage problem and I became stinky at that time until he washed me while dipping me up and down in soapy waters.

I was also taken for a mountain trip where I watched the snows and as always I was bashed against the snow and until this time I was totally worn away and that’s why I was treated more badly. I was stuffed by the stinky underwear of his. When I was back home his mother washed me by bashing my body with a wooden stick and until now my threads were loosened enough and I was looking as if a body with no skeleton and, was always lying down.6 months later my life was a total mess I was stuffed in the cupboard as the summer vacations arrived. I sat there trying to talk to the old clothes and chanted all the time but nobody responded. I was again yanked out of the cupboard and again stuffed with clothes as I was taken to a family trip, they took me just to keep their things but I thought that I was a part of their family too.

I was brought back home and a life a school bag started again and this time I was filled with more fleshy books and this was a time when I was not able to survive the bulk. I was torn from the bottom and was not able to carry anything. I was of no use at this time and that boy was thinking to buy a new bag and after some time I was lying down inside a mountain of waste and I was a waste too. As of now, I’m torn, I’m stinking but I wish to reborn as a bag and to be a part of human’s happiness as it is nothing better, then being used by someone and be a part of someone’s happiness.

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