Apple Fruit: Short Essay on Apple Fruit

Apple Fruit

Apple is one of the commonest fruits consumed by the human population in all regions of the world. The Apple fruit grows on the Apple tree, which is cultivated in many countries of the world today.

There are many different varieties of Apples in different world regions. The commonest form of Apple is a red coloured fruit, which is somewhere in between a heart shape and a round shape. But the Apple fruit is also found in many other colours like Green Apples, Pink Apples, Yellow Apples, etc. The Apple fruit is generally considered a nutritious fruit across the world and consumed by all age-groups including children.

Taste: The Apple fruit has a sweet taste base. Generally, a ripe apple is solid and juicy in consistency to bite on. The primary taste is sweet but there are also tones of a delicious sour and sweet taste mix to the fruit. A raw Apple can have a mix of bitter and sour taste, in addition to the sweet taste. An overripe Apple can be sour in taste too and may not be health to eat.

Origin: Apple trees and fruits were thought to be originally from the Asian and Middle Eastern regions. But over the history of mankind they have spread to all corners of the world. In modern times, China, Americans, Asia are some of the largest producers of the fruit.

Science: It is said that Isaac Newton the famous Scientist discovered Gravity as he was sitting under an Apple tree. He saw an Apple fruit drop down from the tree onto the ground near him. And that is how he arrived on the Principle of Gravity.

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