All That Glitters is Not Gold ( Moral Story)

In a beautiful desert village lived a camel herder. A camel herder looked after his herd of camels very well. The herder was a kind man. There was a camel in the herd who was very beautiful and had a red spot on his head which made him look different from other camels. He was the favorite of his master too.

The red-headed camel was very popular among the people of the village. They called him the camel with redhead.”

There was a city near that village. Everyday the camel used to pass by that city with his camels to reach his home from his workplace. Each time the camel with red head saw the fast-moving colorful vehicles, the wide roads and high buildings of the city he got so fascinated by the city’s vibrance. One evening, when they returned home from that way, the camel got thrilled again on seeing the bright colorful lights of the city.

”What a lovely and exciting place.The city looks so beautiful from here. How good it would be if I go to the city and see it by myself.”,the camel thought.

One Day when the camel herder was passing by the city with the camels, the camel with red head escaped from there and reached the city.

He entered the city with great excitement.

A lot of people were in the city and there were vehicles everywhere. The air was filthy, smoky, and noisy. The camel from the peaceful climate of the desert was confused and scared by all this. He remained standing in a corner.

People saw him, they caught him, and one of them gave the camel to his friend who owned a stable.

There were all horses in the stable.The camel felt so lonely there.He missed his friends a lot.

Every day the camel’s new master gave him hey and dry grains to eat which he didn’t like at all. He missed the delicious dates, oats and wheat that his old master used to give him in the desert.

He missed the soft sandy ground of desert under his feet whenever he walked.

It took the camel a long time to adjust to his new life. He missed everything about his former life.

The camel cursed himself for leaving the desert and coming to the city. He always felt sad and gloomy, and he stopped eating anything and became so weak and idle that he kept crying all the time.

Fortunately, one day a man came there to meet the stable owner. That man was from the same village where the camel used to live.

The villager recognized the camel by the red spot on his head.”Oh! That is the camel with red head, that’s my friend’s camel!”

“How did you find him?” , he asked the stable owner.

The stable owner told him how he got the camel and said that the camel was of no use to him and he doesn’t want to keep him anymore.”

”You can take the camel to his master, he is not happy here.” the stable owner said to his guest.

The man rubbed the camel’s head as he approached it. The camel grunted happily when it recognized the man from his village.

When the villager brought the camel to the village where its owner lived, the owner was delighted to find his lost camel.

The camel was so happy and relieved to get his old life back. Despite going through a trying time in life, he learned that there is no gold in all that glitters.

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