Advantage and disadvantages of Internet

The internet has reached not only to all cities and towns of the world but also many remote villages.

The internet has revolutionized the way we do everything in our daily lives today. From getting up in the morning to getting into bed in the night, all our daily activities are now connected to the internet.

Advantages of Internet

  • We can stay connected with our friends and family, both nearby and across the world via the internet.
  • The internet helps us book tickets for movies, hotels, taxis and all kinds of travel.
  • People can skim books and other study materials on the internet.
  • We can watch movies and listen to music from all over the world.
  • It gives us detailed driving and traveling directions in our car and on the road, via the GPS [Global Positioning System].
  • Shopping of all kinds from groceries to clothes and all other daily utilities can be done via the internet.
  • It helps us do our business and work in a better way, with our contacts across the world even.

Disadvantages of Internet

  • Internet addiction has become a problem of our times. It is critical to know our limits. People spend more time on the internet than in playgrounds and with their friends.
  • Age-inappropriate content can be available on the internet, and parents need to take precautions for their children not to get exposed to it.
  • Students will overspend of time through the web and neglect their studies.
  • There are a large group of amusements that are accessible on the web, and this has made most kids to evade all outside activities.


We should instruct kids to utilize it for their advantage. It fits for guardians to screen how much time their youngsters spend on the web, and if conceivable set a period limit till which they would be permitted to utilize the internet.

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