A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Essay

A friend is a person with whom one shares a bond of mutual respect, affection and trust. Although typically two friends are not biologically related to each other, with time, they become family. One of the most well-known phrases about friendship goes – “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This phrase summarizes the essence of true friendship. It means that friends who help each other in times of need are real friends. Not everyone is lucky to have a true friend in life. A true friend is like a blessing. Such friendship should always be treasured and nurtured with care.


The Importance of a True Friend

The importance of true friends in our life cannot be expressed in words. Friendship helps us feel less lonely. With our busy lives, it is very easy for us to slip into despair and loneliness. It is a reason why a lot of us end up suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental or psychological disorders. Studies have shown that a healthy friendship helps in overcoming all these negative feelings.


A friend gives us company and helps us improve our morale. A true friendship is very giving and is equally joyous. Spending time with our friends gives us a reason to laugh and celebrate life. A true friendship inspires us to grow. Studies show that a healthy friendship improves and boosts self-confidence. A true friend tries his best to help a friend in his time of need. This may include one’s emotional, physical or any other needs.


A friend helps you overcome your burden or difficulty by improving your morale, helping you however possible and providing advice. A true friend never quits our side for his own selfish needs and selflessly helps us without expecting any return. They act as our teacher, guide, our confidant and our companion. This doesn’t mean that our friends do not criticize us. A true friend shows us our shortcomings and criticizes us but with the sole purpose of benefitting us in the long run.


What Should We Do?

Friends do not discourage each other. Instead, they help each other reach their goal in life. However, it is wrong for us to expect people to be our true friends when we ourselves cannot be loyal to them. It is said that you reap what you sow, so in order for us to have loyal and true friends, we must ourselves be ready to follow the principles of a healthy friendship.


Like every relationship, friendship is also like a two-way street; we cannot expect friends to help us when we are not honest, helpful, and giving. One of the most effective keys to a successful friendship is proper communication. When we find people with whom we can effectively communicate our thoughts and feelings, we soon develop a bond that translates into friendship and deep understanding. A friendship cannot thrive without understanding.


Thus, the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” describes what real friendship is all about. In difficult times, we come to know the difference between true friends and pretentious friends. A friendship that survives hardships comes out stronger. Friends who help us during hard times are truly assets to behold.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Should we trust our friends as said in “a friend in need is a friend indeed?”

As per the essay “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed,” we should be loyal and trustful to our friends. But they should reciprocate the same as well so as to differentiate between a true friend and a pretentious friend. A true friend will always help his/her friend when one of them is in trouble. To seek a true friend, one must be a true friend to others as well because it is wrong to expect something which you cannot reciprocate.

2. What should we expect in a true friendship?

True friendship will provide you with moral support and give you reasons to laugh and enjoy the things around you. They will not make you feel low and not let you down. True friends will help you with burdens in your life, discuss them, overcome any psychological distress, and inspire you to grow as a person. True friends will always communicate efficiently and spend time together with fun and laughter. You can expect positivity in a friendship.

3. What different roles does a friend undertake as per the essay “a friend in need is a friend indeed”?

As said in “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” a friend will help you take all the load off your shoulder and help you grow in your life. A true friend will act as a teacher, guide and companion. Like a teacher, a true friend will guide their friends, teach them and give them the right direction to work and grow in life. As a companion, the friends will stick together in whatever difficulty they make in their ways.

4. What should we do in a friendship?

True friends should always communicate well in a friendship. They should stick together in difficult situations and find a way to solve them and at the same time, they should celebrate any good times they come across. True friends should grow together in life and help each other with their shortcomings. They should also reciprocate their actions and stay true and loyal to each other. This way, the friendship will survive any hardships and it becomes a precious asset one can possess.

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