10 Solutions to Climate Change and Global Warming

Global warming and climate change are closely connected: global warming causes other kinds of climate change like floods, blizzards and changes in the seasons due to the way in which the warming of the earth disrupts weather patterns.

Climate change refers to any change in the climate, including storms, ‘freak’ blizzards and droughts. Global warming, however, refers specifically to the overall warming of the earth.

The tips below are aimed as solving the problem of climate change and global warming: things that we can all put into practice from today onward.

10 Solutions to Climate Change and Global Warming.

1. Use fewer CFCS: Though widely banned, these substances (which can be used in aerosols and pesticides) are still in use in some parts of the world and they can cause huge damage to the ozone layer.

2. Switch to sustainable fuels for heat and power sources: Burning fossil fuels is a major cause of climate change, so switching away from these fuels both at home and at work is an effective way to combat climate change.

3. Learn to love nature: Appreciate natural beauty every day – whether that means going on a hiking trip through the mountains or whether it means simply sitting in the garden with a hot drink before work – so that you stay motivated to combat climate change and global warming. How can we take action to save the environment if we do not know and care about what it is that we are protecting?

4. Shop ethically: Use your consumer power to only shop with carbon neutral or environmentally friendly companies.

5. Shop less: Reduce your dependence on gas guzzling, environment polluting factories by simply buying fewer things and reusing and repairing the items that you do have.

6. Inform others: Teach others about the dangers and the causes of climate change and global warming. The more people who are taking action, the more effective the movement will be.

7. Write to your local authority: Let the government or other local authorities known your opinions, and urge them to take action to combat global warming and climate change.

8. Donate to environmental charities: Even if you are not best placed to take action yourself, you can use your money wisely to help dedicated activists to make a real difference in the world.

9. Plant trees and flowers wherever possible: If you own or can buy land, consider turning it into a forest rather than developing it into residential or commercial buildings. Trees are like the lungs of the world, helping to regulate the amounts of carbon in the atmosphere. And, if you do not own land, there are other things that you can do such as purchasing seed ‘bombs’ (or simply handfuls of seed) and throwing them onto waste ground, causing flowers to spring up. If you choose bee friendly seeds, you will help in a much wider sense, too. Not only are bees endangered at the moment, but they are vital for stimulating the growth of fruits, trees, flowers and vegetables through pollination. So a simple handful of seed can have a real knock on effect.

10. Fly less: The aviation industry is a key cause of pollution in the atmosphere. Save your plane journeys for essential long haul flights and more occasional holidays. And, when you do fly, look for ways to offset the carbon footprint of your flight, for instance by donating to reforestation projects.


We can all take action, starting right now, to address the very real and very urgent problems of global warming and climate change. And, if we all act together and get those in power involved (such as governments) then our actions will become ever more effective.

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