10 Lines on ‘My Teacher’

A teacher is an educator who teaches or gives instructions. A teacher can be an educator, schoolteacher, private teacher, lecturer, professor, coach, trainer, instructor, guide or a counsellor.

A teacher plays a very important role in shaping the life of an individual. Besides teaching, a teacher also guides and advises his/her student.

Please find below ten lines on ‘My Teacher’. 

1. A Teacher is the person who imparts education to the students.

2. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Saha.

3. She is my private tutor and she teaches me at her home.

4. She teaches me English and Mathematics.

6. She also helps in drawing and painting.

7. She advises me to be dutiful and being respectful and polite.

8. My teacher is a responsible and hard-working lady.

9. She gives me some homework and expect me to complete tasks on time.

10. I am thankful to God because Mrs. Saha is my teacher

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