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Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) has started a new School Sasthrolsavam online portal at This Science Fair will be organized from sub-district level as per the revised manual. School Sasthrolsavam 2019-2020 is a combination of the five fests i.e Science, Maths, Social Science, work experience and IT fairs which are part of the Sasthrolsavam including the pre-fair, fair and post fair modules. Now people can make Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Online Registration & login at official website.

The complete details of students as present in the KITE school management software – Sampoorna will be directly mapped to portal. The concerned authorities will have to simply put the admission number of the student in School Sasthrolsavam portal. This would list out all the necessary details of the students and need for additional data entry and resultant errors would be avoided.

Each participating student of School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 is going to get a unique number at the time of registration.

Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Application Form Online

All the interested candidates who wants to download the KITE School Sasthrolsavam application form online can follow the procedure below:-

Interested candidates can download these forms from KITE School Sasthrolsavam portal to participate, win and enjoy the colorful eve. The objective of such a massive event is to nurture the talents of students in areas such as Science, Maths, Work Experience etc. This is done through the learning processes which eventually benefits the whole society at large.

The School level online data entry for kerala school sasthrolsavam 2019 has already started from 24 September 2019. Schools can Login with Sampoorna username and password then register participants. Accordingly, schools have to verify that all the participants have been entered and confirm it. If all schools have been confirmed there entries then they can generate PDF files.

KITE School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 Manual Download

The direct link to download the user manual of Kerala School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 is given below:-
Download Kerala Sasthrolsavam User Manual
Download Sasthrolsavam User Guide for Schools
Download Sasthrolsavam User Guide for Sub-District

Kerala State Education Department organizes Sasthrolsavam which includes students from lower primary, secondary, higher secondary and vocational higher secondary levels. It is a unique model for the world apart from being the venue for numerous experiments and findings.

Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Portal

Various call sheets, score sheets, tabulation streets extra which are required for the judges and committee members will be available at KITE School Sasthrolsavam portal. Along with this, fixing of competition stages, details of students in each item and the process of determining their places is completely automated at official portal which can be accessed through the link below:-

The online Kerala School Sasthrolsavam portal is enabled in such a manner that even the public can get access to comprehensive information from sub-district level. Also, the complete list of winners of each item and school-wise positions is also available. This year, total number of 3,67,842 students will participate in the fest at sub-district level to be held on 2,3 and 4 November in 163 sub-districts.

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