Study of Cream Separation

Study of Cream Separation


To get acquainted with working of the cream separator Separation of cream.
To find out per cent efficiency and working capacity of the cream Separation.

Relevant Information:

The principle mechanism of cream separation has been explained in the earlier sub-unit. In order to accomplish the separation phenomenon, the milk (may be from cow or buffalo) is passed through the bowl, where upon the forces are allowed to act resulting in partitioning of cream and skim milk. The efficiency of separation depends upon various factors and those factors are appropriately manipulated for efficient conductance of the phenomenon.


1. Machine should be fitted on a strong foundation to avoid jerks, vibration perfectly leveled position.
2. Speed of the bowl should be 5000-6000 rpm.
3. Milk should be free from sediment. The temperature of milk should be between 30-40 0 C.

Material Required:

1. Milk
2. Wash water
3. Gear oil
4. Muslin cloth


1. Centrifugal cream separator.
2. Milk cans 30-40 lit capacity.
3. Stainless steel bowl with cover for collecting the cream (10-15 lit capacity).
4. Weighing balance
5. Thermometer
6. Hot water bath


Separation of Cream:

1. Assemble all the clean and dry parts of the separator
2. Check that the cream screw is in normal positions. For obtaining thick cream rotate the screw towards outside.
3. Flush the separator with clean water (50-60 0 F) when separator is running.
4. Record the weight of the milk meant for separation. Filter the milk. Warm the milk to 40 0 C. take representative sample for fat estimation. Start the cream separator machine and maintain the rated speed of the bowl.
5. Pour the (warm) milk in the supply can. Now start separation. Note the time required for separation.
6. Receive cream in the owl and skim milk in the clean dry cans. Record the weight.
7. Take representative sample of cream and skim milk for fat test.
8. When all the milk has been separated pour about one liter of warm water over the float in order to wash out the inside bowl parts.
9. Disjoint the parts of cream separator. Wash them cleanly and dry.

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