Preparation of Lassi

Preparation of Lassi


To extend the use of dahi for preparation of Lassi, butter milk beverage.
To evaluate the quality of lassi.

Relevant information:

Lassi is the by-product of deshi butter prepared in house-holds and called chhas or matha. Lassi is appreciated throughout the country as beverage for its palatability and as thirst quenching/refreshing drink. It is also known for its therapeutic values. The palatability and wholesomeness of the product depends on the quality of curd churned and temperature of churning. An average curd obtained by fermentation with contaminants produces a highly sour or off-flavored lassi, unfit for human consumption.


1 Use clean water for preparation of Lassi.
2. Don’t use off flavored curd for lassi preparation.
3. Use matching colour flavour. Use clean utensils for preparation and heating.

Material required:

1. Whole skim milk.
2. Canesugar.
3. Sodium chloride (common salt).
4. Edible colour, Food grade flavour.


1. Curd beater (steel or wooden).
2. Diary floating thermometer.


1. Take well set-curd in a container.
2. Add little quantity of water.
3 Homogenize the contents using curd beater.
4. Dilute the contents with 1-2 parts of cold water.
5. Addition of water will depend on the composition of curd.
6. Add sugar at the rate of 14 to 20 percent or add 1-2 percent powdered common salt .
7. Add colour and flavoring material as desired.
8. Mix the content.
9. Add ice, spices and serve.

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