Need for Plant Breeders Right

Need for Plant Breeders Right

The consideration that prompted the development of PBR system in the developed world were as follows:

1. It encourages breeders by provide economic incentives.
2. It encourages private sector to invest in plant breeding activities.
3. The development of a variety is an innovation. There fore’s, a plant variety is an intellectual property, which should be protected.

Initially, it was proposed to patent plant varieties. But this was not favoured, especially, in Europe due to following considerations.

1. Industrial patents are applicable to inanimate objects.
2. Plant varieties are not absolutely stable.
3. An exact description of plant materials is not possible.
4. There is a lack of repeatability in breeding plant varieties.
5. Plant varieties do not fulfil the criterion of inventiveness for patents since they contain only new combinations of pre-existing alleles/ genes.

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