Detection of Adulteration in Butter

Detection of Adulteration in Butter


To detect addition of Vanaspati in butter.

Relevant information:

Butter is adulteration with Mutton, fat, beet, fat and different oils, potato pulp starch, Jaggery, soft paraffin’s, vegetable oil, hydrogenated fat and margin.

Material required:

 i) Butter
 ii) Vanaspati / Margarine
 iii) Alcoholic HCI
iv) Tablet of furfural or liquid.


 i) Test tube
 ii) Test tube holder.


1. Take one chemical tablet in clean and dry test tube.
2. Pour about 10 drops of alcoholic hydrochloric acid.
3. Shake the test tube in circular motion until uniform suspension is obtained.
4. Small quantity of butter / ghee to be tested is taken in table spoon and melted.
5. About 5 to 10 drops of sample is poured in the above test tube.
6. The test tube is shaken vigorously in circular motion for about 2 to 3 minutes.
7. Keep the contents of the tube as such for few minutes until separated layers are found.
8. If a perceptible pink colour appears on lower acid level, the sample is adulterated with vanaspati.
9. It is a qualitative to identify. The quantitative measure i.e. what amount of the adulterant has been added is not known from the adulterant has been added in not known from the test.

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