Care of Pregnant Animals

Care of Pregnant Animals

The early singe or latter 1/3 period of the gestation   period   is important period in view of care and management.

  • Feeding: It is necessary to provide adequate feeding to meet nutritional requirements of both mother and foetus. The challenge feeding (extra feeding) should be given from 5th month of pregnancy @ 1.25 – 1.75 kg of concentrate mixture and give 3.4 – 4.5 kg from 8th month onwards, over and above maintenance ration to Zebu and crossbred animals. Provide adequate clean water.

  • Drying of Cow:  The pregnant cow-should be dried above 60 days before expected dale of calving. To conserve the nutrients which are required for developing foetus & increased milk yield.

  • Housing: Pregnant animal approaching parturition should be isolated and kept in calving pen which should be clean, well ventilated, bedded and   disinfected. This helps   to   take   special   Care   regarding   feeding management, to avoid crowding, mounting by other animals, to avoid infection from oilier animals.

  • Care at expected Date: To know expected date of calving is a must to take care at time of parturition. Careful watch should be kept close to expected date of parturition. Do not interfere the normal act of calving. If there is dystokia provide time, veterinarian help.

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